It’s Fall, Ya’ll!


Well, It’s October anyway. But, right now here in Nashville only the evenings seem to feel like Fall. In the upper 70’s and 80’s during the day, still a nice break from the 100+ degree weather we had this summer.

If you know me it’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year. I love the food, smells, colors, the decorations, flowers, warmth of friends, and camping.  I love to hear that sound of our tent zipping open and closed as I wake up early in the morning gazing at the sun-kissed golden leaves and breathing in the fresh crisp cool air. All my senses seem to be heightened at that very moment as all the smells, colors, and sounds absorb in my mind.

To make up for the warm weather I decided to use what little creative juices I have and get creative 🙂
So, today we turn the AC down really low and got the house really cold, put on our over sized hoodies – because hoodies are only worth wearing if they are 2 sizes too big – and started baking.

I also need to clarify that I have NEVER made homemade bread before so I was a bit nervous but thanks to this awesome helper and my KitchenAid this baking day was very easy!

“The more mess you make, the better it will taste” ~ Hannah

Oh and Hannah hasn’t caught on to the whole big hoodie thing yet, she still think it’s too BOYISH… So, it got taken off and thrown into a pile of flour on the counter.

I by no means am seasoned enough at making this so I thought I’d provide the link to the person who is. The recipe and instructions to this master piece can be found here at the eat, live, run blog I found via pinterest. I realize she is competition and I’m bringing you all to the competition, but I’m also doing you a solid by taking you to the source. Riiight?

I do have a few tips though…

When you make the strips for the braid use a pizza cutter and ruler. Also, I put parchment paper down on my counter and did everything there then lifted it up onto the cookie sheet by the paper.

The glaze is a MUST do. I put some of the juices from baking the apples first in the glaze. y’all it’s so good!

My 6-year-old did a great job at that braid didn’t she!

Happy Fall! I hope you all enjoy this as much as we did. Now ~sigh~ Time to fix the AC and clean the kitchen! It’s cold and messy in here!!

p.s. it’s good to be back bloggin’ sorry it’s been so long.