Update On Starting The Seeds

Hey there! Just a quick update on how my little seeds we planted are doing. It has been about 2 weeks since I planted them and they have been outside for about a week now. We started them inside until I could tell they were reaching for the sun. They are doing great! Here is what your plants should look like after about 2 weeks since planting seeds.  If it’s warm enough outside keep them out there until you are ready to plant.  Bring them in on nights colder than 40 degrees though.  We don’t want skinny tall stems if you do then that is an indicator your plants aren’t getting enough sun.

Here they are! It's been hot in Nashville so I was able to put them outside so they can get a full radius of sunshine. If you do this just be careful when they are little like this. They can't get too dry or too wet or too cold. So pay attention to the weather and bring them in when necessary.

Comments are welcome... Let me know your gardening process or any questions. I do this as a hobby so am by no means a professional but am always willing to help when I can!

Spring Is Here ~ Starting The Seeds!

I grew up with fresh vegetables all my life.  I also grew up with a garden since it was one of my Dad’s passions (he has many as do I)  So, when we moved into our home 4 years ago my Dad helped me build my garden.  2 years ago I decided to build my own herb garden!  If you love to cook and eat fresh veggies take it from me it really is great walking outside and picking what you are going to make for dinner that night. So, now is the time to start growing it where I live… indoors! This saves money and again is a great activity to do with your wee ones.  Plus, you can get the satisfaction of knowing you grew it from a seed.  The rule of thumb is to plant the seeds indoors 4 weeks before planting time. Look up your area and see when is the last freeze of the year on average usually after that you are safe to begin planting.

There are many ways to do this, here is how I do it:

At Walmart you can get seeds for 20¢ (thank you to my mother-in-law for showing me how to do the cent sign, she thinks she full of useless information, I think she's smart) For 20¢ you can get a seed package of 25 seeds. That's potential 25 plants that can produce TONS of produce. Anyway, they don't have an awesome selection. If you want something like chocolate mint seeds or boxwood basil you aren't going to find them at the 20¢ kiosk. They were hidden at the one I went to so I had to ask where they were.

Here is what you'll need, plus a watering can or container of WARM water.

I know there are tons of "cheap" ways to grow seeds indoors going around on pinterest that doesn't involve this but... Let me tell you this is worth it. You don't have to get the one with 72 they have smaller ones, I got the one with 72 because I can use some for next year or give the rest to my Dad, who by the way I got this planting bug from and learned a TON from. So, it's around $5 and will save you tons of time plus in my opinion money. But, if you want to use cut out Styrofoam cups then go for it! I like this because it already has the soil in little disks that my daughter likes to watch it grow.

This is what you'll need to label where you are putting your seeds. This is not a cool cute label with wine corks. Not necessary for the preliminarily planting process. I am planning on making them for my veggie garden so look for a post for that later.

She's such a great helper!

Cut them in strips and stab with toothpicks.

So We decided to put them this way instead... ya live ya learn. You may want to put them this way as well.

Here are your disks...

It's a lot. Not to worry they come in sections that are perforated and you can only do the amount you want. Make sure you take out the ones you aren't using for the next part because when you water the soil there are holes at the bottom and well, it will all get wet.

Fill your watering vessel of choice with warm water and pour until you see the water just hitting the top of the disks. Now, I have vowed to tell you my mistakes so you don't make them to. This water in the photo isn't warm and the disks did not fluff up hardly at all. Make sure it is warm.

After about 5-10 minutes (15 if you don't use warm water at first) This is what they should look like.

After they look like this take them out fluff them up a bit and gently pull back the white netting.

They grew! It's pretty amazing, at least my 5 year old thinks so.

Melon Seeds!! Can you believe huge juicy melons come out of these teeny tiny seed? This is why I love gardening.

Take a little of the peat off the top and place the seed in the middle, you can put up to 3 seeds depending on size.

Cover up the seed with the peat you took off. This tiny finger is my secret ingredient.

That's all folks! Now, we let Mother Nature do what she does.

Put the plastic cover on for a few days in a place away from the sun. My husband is doing his home brew and I thought my plants next to his beer would be the perfect spot 🙂

Note from my Dad, the expert gardener:

You have to have an adequate light source once the seeds come up or all is in vane.  From the first hour they pop out- if you don’t have and adequate source of light you can use a florescent light  or you can put them outside IF IT IS WARM  but watch the water – drys fast and if it rains.