What’s Happening? 33 week update…

arv -49_filteredHow far along: 
33 Weeks!

Total Weight Gain: None… lost 15 then went back up so it’s a total of 5 pounds lost now.

How big is Baby: About the size of a pineapple

Cravings: Firehouse subs, sweets,

How I’m feeling:  Eh… I feel pretty good. Normal aches and pains but added because of my boobies really doing a number on my back (too much info??) Can’t seem to ever get comfortable these days. Feeling good enough to hit getting ready for baby and company in full force. Starting to get really excited for the nursery and being more organized! Almost all closets have been purged!

arv -46_filteredSleep: What’s that?

Movement: YES! A lot.

Heart Rate: 156 bpm 

Gender/Name: It’s a BOY!!!! James Newton Diehl. We have named him after both of Dan’s Grandfathers.




arv -44_filteredWhat I’m looking forward to: So much! Looking forward to seeing that sweet face I have been dreaming about for so long. Seeing my daughters face when she first meets her little brother. Watching Hannah finally be able to be a big sister (She will be a good one). Can’t wait to hear that newborn cry and to get lots of snuggles everyday. I also am really looking forward to Dan and seeing him with his son!

arv -35_filtered


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