For My 30th Birthday I Asked for a Freezer…

Yep. That’s right. I want a freezer. In fact I have wanted one for quite some time AND now that I’m turning 30 I better get that darn freezer. I keep thinking how much my life will change. How I can get all those chicken’s when they go on sale or make a meal and freeze the left overs so I can have dinner ready in a few weeks on a busy day. All those veggies when we garden and  get from my Dad this summer can be blanched and frozen just like they do for the grocery store freezer veggies and all those amazing veggies wouldn’t have to go to waste. The Possibilities are endless friends.

But, How sad is this? Reeeeeallly, How sad is it that for my 30th birthday I want a freezer. I am having a hard time with the thought that I am now waddling into my 30’s. No more 20’s. I have to say the number thirty before I say the next number. It’s going to be hard, I  mean I’ve said the number twenty for 10 years. I want to be the cool one who is forever young (and doesn’t ask for a freezer for her birthday). I want to be the cool Mom that all of Hannah’s friends want to be around. And 30 isn’t helping that dream.

I don’t like a lot of things about my life right now. NUMBER ONE is my weight. It’s ridiculous how fat I am now. I didn’t even know it was physically possible for me, a size zero a few years ago to be the size that I am now. And you know what to all you judgie people out there. It is flipping hard loosing weight. Especially when your body doesn’t work right and when your body doesn’t let you. So now, I want a freezer, and I am fat for my 30th. Awesome.

But here’s the bright side. I am turning 30 this year and my awesome, amazing, talented, beautiful, smart, daughter is turning 7. SEVEN. What the…? Bright side? Never mind, she’s growing up and I can’t handle it. This is hard. They don’t tell you that in those How To Do This and That Mommy Books that you engulf yourself in for 10 months. False advertisement I say because that to me is the most important thing we as Mothers can never forget.

Our babies don’t stay that way forever. They start walking, eating, eating on their own, going potty, going potty on their own, then wiping their own butts, talking, talking a lot, making jokes, going to school, walking in to school on their own, going potty on their own in restaurants AND public places, bathing on their own, getting dressed on their own. Heck, no wonder Mom’s of older kids are on facebook and instagram…. We have LOADS of free time now and we weren’t prepared for it!

I mean I guess I can ask for a new car, or clothes, or something cool and hip like an ipad mini (which I won’t because I still have my ipad large). But, I didn’t. I will be 30 hopefully with a freezer and a growing up 7 year old at my hip. *sigh*