A ‘Disposal’ of Words

What does the title mean you ask? It’s a play on word from disposal. You know what most modern households have in their kitchen sink. All the food goes down the drain and stays there until you turn on a switch then the food gets chopped up, runs down another drain, which then leads to a pipe that goes…???? I love to write but that is what seems to happen to most of what I write about.

I realize it has been a while since I’ve posted on my blog.  If only you can see all the drafts I have- a disposal if you will of blog articles.  None of them seemed like anyone would really have cared to read it all the way through. So, they are all just sitting there together waiting… Before it gets too stale and stinky as most disposals do if you let the food sit there too long, I’ll turn on the switch.

One post was my thoughts and feelings about the Sandy Hook tragedy. I wrote about why my husband and I decided to not talk about the shooting around our daughter. Shelter her from what we can of any news or words about it. A 6 year old- doesn’t need to know, hear, or see anything about this.  She will learn of it soon enough but now, we’d like her mind to not be terrorized by this horrible act of violence. That person has terrorized too much and I won’t allow it to happen to my daughter. THAT I can control. Passing by an elementary school, meeting a teacher, meeting a 1st grader, or even walking by a school office will never be the same again for anyone, no matter the reason. After I had finished I realized everyone is sad who I am to have a whole blog post about this? So, I decided to leave it for the archives and chalk it up to a journal entry.

I had one about the Silent Retreat I went on. What happened when I was there, the moment I saw and HEARD God for the first time, the tears of joy and sadness, and the fact that I lasted the WHOLE time without speaking (well kind of).  Friends, it was life changing.  I needed something to happen to me that was positively life changing at this moment in my life.

I also have a few craft ones that I will eventually share, just have to wait for the right season… I’m really excited about those. I made a tree topper out of toilet paper rolls and it looked great.  For years I’ve been on the search for one and they are just way too tacky or the ones that look OK are way too expensive – not worth our hard earn cash for something that just looked OK. I’ll share the step by step of how I did it later in the year, closer to Christmas!

Here’s a sneak peak of it right after I finished…


Now for a recent post!

The other day my Mom called me asking if I wanted to go with her for a walk. People, it has been cold and rainy, sleeting and cold, rainy and warm, then really cold and icy for almost a month now. I have been craving some sunshine. So was my daughter because I had run out of things to have her do on these yucky days. She loves the out doors about as much as I do so this was very hard.

Nashville has this Greenway  with over 190 miles of trails in Davidson County, over 50 miles of off-street (primarily paved) multi-use greenway trails and various other types of trails within parks for walking, hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use. The one I like best has a huge walking bridge over the Cumberland River and just a hop, skip, and a jump to the Opryland Hotel. For more information on the Greenway of Nashville click here.

Anyway, I was excited because my girl had just learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and these trails are great for bike riding, paved but a little hilly. I was hoping it would help her confidence a little. We had a great time and she is practically a pro at riding without training wheels. One thing we need to work on is her balance when she sees others coming or other bike riders shout: “ON YOUR LEFT”.  She kinda panics gets all wobbly and veers off the path. It’s rather adorable.

Here are a few pics I took:

Photo captured on a bridge with a view of the Cumberland River.

Photo captured by Adele on a bridge with a view of the Cumberland River.

Hannah waits and looks on at the "Walking" Bridge that towers over the Cumberland River.

Hannah waits and looks on at the “Walking” Bridge that towers over the Cumberland River.

Riding on the bridge with no fear and confidence!

Riding on the bridge with no fear and confidence!

The walk was so nice that I called up my friend and asked if she wanted to go with us the next day.  It was a little colder and a lot more windy but still very enjoyable. If you live in Nashville I suggest you try it. If you visit, I recommend you find one near where you are (chances are you will via the link above) and go! Get out there and enjoy what our city has to offer!

Hope you didn’t mind my “dispostal” Maybe I’ll share some more later on in the year!


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