What We Do For Love

For a few years now I have seen these thankful November posts on facebook when November rolls around.  I never participated mainly because I figured who cares what I’m thankful for. When I read the first thankful FB post of the year Hannah was eating her snack. I closed my computer, smiled, and asked Hannah what she is thankful for.

“I’m thankful for water. What are you thankful for?” she said so matter-of-factly.

I have been trying to lose weight forever and had been eating nothing but salad for days and thought I’d do a mental trick and be a bit sarcastic.

“Lettuce, I’m thankful for Lettuce.”

“Lettuce? That’s weird.” Hannah said with a disapproving look on her face.

What a funny kid.  As if water wasn’t a peculiar thing to say. I love her.

I then decided to go ahead and play the Thankful November game and try not to make them all so serious and with no pressure to post them everyday. For those of you who it annoys just go ahead and block my posts because they aren’t going to stop.

Today, I can’t sum it up in a few words. I have so much to do this morning with my job but, I can’t seem to focus until I write my thoughts down. And of coarse I wouldn’t feel completely satisfied with these thoughts until I post them for the world to read.

Today, I am thankful for my husband. I am thankful for him everyday actually.

He works in a restaurant 5 sometimes 6 days a week and on average from 10AM-11PM.  That’s a long day for anyone right? Even for someone with an office job where you get 15 minute breaks every few hours AND a 30min-1hour lunch break.

Servers and managers in the restaurant biz don’t get that luxury. Sometimes they work 14 hour shifts without ever getting to sit down, eat a HEALTHY meal, or just get out of the building to decompose for a minute. And if you make a mistake and a customer complains your job could be on the line. It’s a high stress, high intensity, under appreciated job. It looks easy on the outside looking in but walk a day in their shoes and you’ll treat your servers, bartenders, hostesses, and managers a little better (and tip them better too).

He then comes home to a child who adores him, who says how much she misses him, and to a wife who is annoyed & frustrated because he’s never home to help.


I tend to nag on him for not being home and bark orders of stuff for him to do when instead I should be thanking him for the hard work he does to support us.

Dan also wakes up with Hannah in the mornings, gets her breakfast, makes her lunch, and takes her to school. I stay in bed and listen to their conversations- I’m thankful for that- these conversations are priceless.

I don’t come out of our room until they have their time because with me present I’m afraid some of those important conversations may not happen. If he doesn’t do this then Hannah may not see him for days maybe even a week. When you work in a restaurant you have to work weekends too. People eat on the weekends.

Spending time with his daughter is important to him, he may only get a few hours of sleep a night, but to him it’s worth the sacrifice. He is a wonderful father to Hannah and she loves him so much.  My heart warms when they are together.

My favorite picture. EVER.
Photo courtesy of  Trone Photography

On a much lighter note I am thankful that he knows how to iron. He irons my clothes for me sometimes. That’s right, he irons so much better than me.

Dan, thank you for being a great Dad and for the sacrifices you make for us. We love you. A lot.


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