A Soapy Box

I have been staring at the Title spot on this blog for about 10 minutes.  I knew what I wanted to write about until I stared at the subject line and freaked out.  Now, I don’t remember. They tell you in creative writing classes just to write whats in your head and eventually ideas will pop up.  Well, I need a certain popping of an idea that brought me to this keyboard… sooo… not sure if that will work.

Ahhh haaa!  I know what I’m going to write about.  Not the original plan but that will come to me again when the time is right.

I decided back in February to start volunteering at a local animal shelter. Many reasons why.  Obviously the first is I love animals, especially dogs.  I can’t figure out why people have dogs or any animals for that matter just to neglect them. I mean, you chose to buy the dog, you chose to take this dog in, or better yet you chose to become a rescue.  What’s the point if you don’t love the animals.  I am beginning to think it’s a disease that has yet to own a name.  Someone who gets a pet just to abuse, neglect, fight, starve, and chain it up  has something wrong with their brains.

And worse. Did you know the women who hoarded the 100 dogs, we call them the Freedom Dogs, in deplorable conditions didn’t go to jail.  WHY?!?! Here is what they said on News Channel 5 website.

“She’s not a bad person and she means well”, Burger said about the owner whose name was not released. “I really don’t think she knew how bad the situation was because she was feeding and watering these animals. (But) it takes more.  You have to be a companion.  You have to love them and pet them.”

This statement is asinine to me.  If someone gets pulled over has 3-4 beers they go to jail for driving while under the influence. Most of them aren’t bad people, they mean well. So should Mr. Policeman let him/her go and continue to drive home? NO!

Just because she “fed” them she gets off? Because she means well? Maybe she isn’t a bad person, that’s for God to decide. But, she did do a bad thing and needs to have consequences for them. This has been 2 decades in the making, authorities knew about this women for 20 years.  20 years these dogs have been suffering and they did NOTHING.  Tried NOTHING to get the dogs out.  They could have even done a little at a time.  Instead they took some of the dogs neutered them for her and GAVE THEM BACK!!!

Why do I feel like I’m the only one outraged by this? Look at my other post called a Story of Rescue I did in March about the dog who was dumped in my back yard.  It’s about my run in with Wilson County Animal Control.

Wilson County Animal Control is responsible for a lot of what went on here. They, Animal Rescue Corps, found dog skeletons all over the property.  This could have been prevented. And don’t tell me this women thought she was doing the right thing by leaving the dogs in hollowed out metal air conditioning units only to bake in the 100+ heat we had. Anyone with any sense or decency would know their dogs were suffering from broken jaws,mange, fleas, ticks, heart worms, tooth decay and lots of other illnesses.  She knew this and decided to continue to get more dogs. She knew this and chose to continue to neglect and abuse these animals.

I just don’t understand why we aren’t holding these people accountable for the wrong that they have done. What if a murderer confesses and tell the police where he/she hid the body and the police let him go because he surrendered. To me that’s the same thing that’s happening here.  This women murdered and abused hundreds if not thousands of animals. She surrendered the ones she has with no fine, no ticket, NOTHING.

And guess what people, she will do it again because all she got was nothing but help from earth-bound angels and police telling her they knew she was a good person.

We fostered for the first time last month for about 3 weeks.  It was an interesting experience and I can’t wait to do it again.  We have to be able to get the right dog since Bruno is 8 and has been the only dog in our family since he was 2.

Scamper and Bruno got a long great.  I think it was because Scamper understood the pack. Scamper was found chained in pretty bad conditions along with 6 other dogs.  I really think God led the shelter’s Animal Control Officer to them.  She was actually on another call when she spotted them.

Scamper learned how to be an inside dog as well as learning boundaries and honestly how to be a pet. I learned a lot from the experience and think my husband and daughter did too.

The women who had the dogs chained, some of them chained their whole lives, also didn’t have any legal repercussions. And yes, I am just as perplexed about this.  Mainly because the set up where these dogs lived is still there.  How do we know this won’t happen again? We don’t know. But, it could be prevented by doing more than just slapping them on the wrist. Oh, wait, we don’t even do that.

What’s good out of all the soapy boxes I’ve been jumping up and down on tonight? Is that where there is evil and ignorance there is good and common sense. Thank GOD for all the awesome people we have in the Nashville area and all over the Nation who has dedicated their lives to helping the animals who didn’t get so lucky.  The best part out of all this is seeing these dogs smiling faces of freedom and love.

I leave you with a smile and a wagging tail…

Meet our Foster Scamper. Off the chain and happy as can be without any sign of abuse or neglect. He is now at a rescue in Massachusetts. If you’d like to adopt this little boy. Let me know and I’ll get you more information ASAP!


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