My Love of Tennessee ~ Fall Creek Falls

Let’s flash back about a year a go when I was telling some of our close friends about our annual family camping trip.  I could see a light bulb go off in her head as I blab on and on, naturally I kept going on thinking she was really enjoying my story. Seconds later I heard a shout “LET’S DO A CAMPING TRIP!!”

Well, we all know how busy life can get and ideas like this usually end up just going in the idea book of things we wanted to do but never did.  Not this time! We put our heads together and set a date 9 months in advance. At times during those months it seemed as though it was going to be canceled but the time finally arrived and next thing we know we are setting up camp at Fall Creek Falls.

I am a real estate agent in the Nashville area and I love when I get clients from out-of-town.  I get to brag about our city and the beautiful surrounding areas.  I think each individual area around the city has its own story to tell and its own wonderful qualities and characteristics. I can’t seem to focus on just one area of town because I love to learn about all the others. There is a book called 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Nashville.  It’s great because it really shows all the outdoor activities you can discover right in your backyard!

Anyway, a wonderful gem about an hour and a half outside of Nashville is Fall Creek Falls State Park.  You can camp, rent log cabins, hike, swim, play, do all sorts of things!  This is where we decided to go and were delighted we did. Below, if you care to look is our adventure.  Cheers to good friends and family, great food, and wonderful scenery!

Our Campsite!

My husband has really started to make delicious ribs. We usually buy them on sale and he smokes/grills/cooks them. We wrap up the rest is portion sizes then freeze them. We just put these over some hot coals and they basically steamed. PERFECT for camping!

Look at that... falling right off the bone!

Camping is almost just as much about the food as it is being outdoors.

Day of our long hike to the Falls

The Cascades.

ANNND we are off!

One of the Falls

My little family.

Found this interesting flower growing in a pine tree trunk. Any guesses as to what this is?

It happened to be my birthday and the boys made a big fire for me! Great end to a fantastic trip!



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