Update On Starting The Seeds

Hey there! Just a quick update on how my little seeds we planted are doing. It has been about 2 weeks since I planted them and they have been outside for about a week now. We started them inside until I could tell they were reaching for the sun. They are doing great! Here is what your plants should look like after about 2 weeks since planting seeds.  If it’s warm enough outside keep them out there until you are ready to plant.  Bring them in on nights colder than 40 degrees though.  We don’t want skinny tall stems if you do then that is an indicator your plants aren’t getting enough sun.

Here they are! It's been hot in Nashville so I was able to put them outside so they can get a full radius of sunshine. If you do this just be careful when they are little like this. They can't get too dry or too wet or too cold. So pay attention to the weather and bring them in when necessary.

Comments are welcome... Let me know your gardening process or any questions. I do this as a hobby so am by no means a professional but am always willing to help when I can!


6 thoughts on “Update On Starting The Seeds

    • Chad,
      I put them by a window that gets a ton of sunlight for about a week. Then I noticed that the plants weren’t getting enough sun (the stems were way too high and leaning) so I put them outside. It’s been anywhere from 72-88 degrees here so it’s actually worked out well. Not sure where you live but if it’s in an area that isn’t warm enough yet I’d suggest getting an artificial light.

      • I’m also near Nashville. Started some seeds germinating last night, but I don’t have a window in my basement or garage that lets in enough light, so I think it will be artificial light until they’re showing true leaves.

      • I had to move the seed into the house proper because the last few nights were so cool — but I’m excited because one has germinated and poked up through the starter medium! Once the others poke their pale, pale green selves up, I will start hitting them with the light.

        I’ve got 2 heirloom tomato varieties and 1 heirloom cucumber variety started, so I am mentally drooling as I look forward to fresh ‘maters and cukes this summer!

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