Cherry Blossom Painting

So begins my love affair with pinterest that started about 2 months ago.  Much like many relationships I’ve been in before I met my husband I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. One day it hit me… this is to organize all the crafty stuff I wanted to do and share it so that others can do it too.

So, for my New Year’s resolution I resolved to make my house look like my Arts and Crafts pinboard.  I have been wanting to redecorate forever but, never had the extra money to spend on the things I really liked so this resolution really made sense. Re-decorate with DIY projects, save money, and have a small sense of accomplishment.

Below you will find a great idea.  I kinda wish I could have taken all the credit for it but I can’t. Here is the original idea.  I thought I’d do my first DIY post with this one since within 5 hours I got over 200 repins. I feel like that’s kinda a big deal. You can go to alpamom’s post . Below you will find my step by step way.

Let me know what you think and I’d love to see if any of you did it and what they look like!


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